About WLEIF 2020

The unusual nature and uncertainties of the times we live in, are a reminder that life does not stand still, but we may need to take different paths to achieve our goals. Our challenge is not only to adapt to these changes, but also to find the new opportunities within them.

It is with this in mind, that we look forward to this year’s WLEIF (World Latvian Economics and Innovations Forum). Since 2013, WLEIF events have continued their evolution to become a recognised and highly valued global gathering of Latvians and supporters of Latvian economic and business development.

This year, considering the travel restrictions and social distancing requirements that we all face, we shall be offering a hybrid event – for attendees to participate either in person (where possible) or remotely.

The WLEIF-2020 participants will review the progress of initiatives from our previous WLEIF and determine our paths forward in relation to a united Latvian economic identity, the development of a joint trade network, educational reform and workforce challenges.

We shall have expert insights into the strategies of Latvia’s economic recovery, “The Three Seas Initiative” and the European Green Deal.

Be sure to join us for WLEIF on November 19th, either in Rīga or from anywhere in this world.


Radisson Blu Latvia, Elizabetes Street 55, Riga, LV-1010 and Globally via Zoom


November 19, 2020

Free Admission and Registration

Goals of the WLEIF

  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and practical interaction between business professionals active in Latvia with like-minded professionals operating elsewhere in the world.
  • To facilitate business networking opportunities, as well as to attract innovation, finance and knowledge opportunities to Latvia.
  • To allow business professionals and entrepreneurs who are of Latvian heritage to strengthen their sense of belonging in the modern Latvian business community.

Why you should attend

This forum is an excellent platform for business professionals to see the latest new innovations, services, and products, build on important business networks and provide a smoother path to export through knowledge sharing and information on various broader markets. Featured at the forum, will be a number of business professionals with a wealth of experience from all over the world.

This year, the format allows us to adress the “big picture” developments – inform the participants about The Three Seas Initiative straight from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discuss Europe’s Green Energy goals and Latvia’s post-COVID economic recovery strategies.


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  • November 19, 2020




Radisson Blu Latvia, Elizabetes Street 55, Riga, LV-1010